SCV Means Business: Neotech and Technifex

Among the various industry clusters that call the SCV home, most businesses agree that moving or starting here has helped them in some central way that they can’t ignore. This month we spoke with two companies who are not only pushing boundaries in their respective industries, but also found a home in Santa Clarita to serve their needs.

Neotech Quote_V3First up, SCVEDC President and CEO Holly Schroeder sat down with Craig McCrary, President at Neotech, who primarily develops products for preemies in the NICU. Neotech takes a unique approach to product research by employing a submission system in which they vet ideas from doctors, nurses, parents, and therapists to create products that real people in the industry are calling for.
While Neotech is actually a global entity, they opted for a location in Valencia because the majority of employees lived here already and loved the convenience of ditching the commute. Additionally, because of the central location they’re able to put on a local conference that attracts speakers from across the country and brings important continuing education opportunities to practitioners from around the area who wouldn’t have access to this type of training otherwise.