Celitech Inc. aims to create the “https” protocol of mobile connectivity by improving the way smart devices, like smartphones, widely access the internet via cellular networks like 4G.

Through its innovative and patent-pending platform, Celitech is developing the world’s 1st fully-digital Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) to conveniently offer mobile internet service through an application instead of a subscriber identity module. In partnership with 4G mobile operators and online travel platforms, Celitech aims to offer such service to international travelers who suffer from expensive mobile data roaming and mostly turn it off.

In 2017, over 700 million international travelers turned off their data roaming while travelling globally; the US alone received over 50 million international visitors – 15 million via LAX – without cellular data connection on their home smartphones.

Founded by an entrepreneur and engineer recognized as “alien with extraordinary ability”, Celitech will provide pre-paid mobile internet “on the go” to international travelers to improve their travel experience and keep their smartphones connected, beyond the limited Wi-Fi. Celitech’s app-based internet service is expected to be launched in the US followed by the EU.

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